Hey there, Kaboom Zoomers! Travelling with pets can be really hard. That’s why we prepared a bunch of smart sneaking ideas to help you sneak pets into the plane! Learn ways to hide your pets in various different places, from gloves and candy boxes to ice cream and your hair! Stay tuned for these crazy ways to sneak pets and learn how to sneak pets like you sneak food anywhere by Kaboom Zoom!
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00:00 Degu Hiding In Gloves
00:38 Millipede Moustache
01:32 Cockroach Candy Box
02:39 Hamster Bouquet
03:16 Hedgehog In Cast
04:10 Pregnant With Hamster
05:07 Chicken Breast
06:19 Baby Dog
06:58 Hiding Turtle In Plain Sight
08:29 Hamster Ice Cream
09:57 Spider Accessory
10:44 Chicken Hair
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